Evalina and Nicholi

I had a day at the park with Evangelina and Nicholi last weekend and they had a blast running from one contraption to the next. I tried to keep up:) Did I mention they are twins and I believe they just turned 6! They are simply the cutest. Take a look:)

I love the first picture as this is a typical brother face when getting a sweet hug from his sister. ha

bophotography-lake en.jpg
bophotography-en swing.jpg

Below: I think one of my favorites for sure.:)

seat pump en.jpg
bophotography-nich slide.jpg
slides en.jpg

Above: Kids really love this slide that makes you feel like your rolling over 100 bumps....I don't get it.:)

Below: Nicholi really wanted some good pictures of his spiderman socks. Who wouldn't?! 


Below: Gotta love a good hand slap competition :D

hand slap en.jpg
bophotography-seesaw en.jpg

Such pretty faces don't you think?!