The Baker Family

I am happy to say that this family is my family:) Clay, my cousin, and his beautiful wife, Andrea, are having their #2. Jordyn (#1) joined us of course and I just love her! She is so loving and sweet. I loved capturing her personality:) Can't wait to see the next precious baby girl! Andrea is ready as well...ha:)

bomer maternity bellybomerblog2.jpg

Jordyn got a kick out of pinching everyone's nose. This went on three more times after this. ha So cute. 

Bomer maternity nosesbomerblog3.jpg

Below: Love it!


Below: I love random tunnels to take pictures in:)


Towards the end of the shoot, the grandmothers stopped by to get some shots with Jordyn. Love her hat!

Bomer family blog7jpg.jpg

Family of three ....for now:)