Ronnie and Christen

One great thing about moving to Lubbock was meeting these two!! Ronnie goes to graduate school with Cade and through this I met Christen:) Ronnie and Christen are one of those couples who are so easy to hang out with and you just end up laughing 90% of the time. I feel so lucky to have them here in this new place. They wanted just a few pictures of them and their dogs for christmas cards. Here they are!


Okay so funny! I told Christen to walk or run her dogs earlier that day so then that they might be more relaxed for pictures. Well...she did but they did were not so much relaxed. ha 

Ronnie and Christen dogsblog2.jpg

I love it!!ha


That's a good looking couple:)

Christen and Ronnie laughingblog5.jpg

Above: My favorite! This is so ya' makes me smile!

ronnie and christen leanblog6.jpg

yay Everyone's looking! Christmas card...check!