2010 Here we come...

2009 was an amazing year for me. I got to do something this year that I've only dreamed of doing. I have some thank yous to give out for making it such a wonderful year. Thank you to my husband, Cade, who supported me from day one for trying something new. Thank you for being so encouraging and being patient when it takes me away from you. Thank to my family for loving me and keeping up with my blog:) I have to thank Erin Woosley. She is the one who inspired me with her photography and made me believe I could actually do it. Thank you for your friendship and your time in mentoring me.


2010 is going to fabulous! I am excited for all of the new clients I will meet and work with and the old ones:) I have a new look that I will be launching very soon that I am excited about. I will also be raising my pricing in 2 weeks. Anyone that schedules a session with me in the next two weeks will receive the current pricing. 

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.