Maloree and Chris ~ Expecting

These are some of my favorite people! If you have been a client of mine, you might recognize the handsome fellow in the photos as Chris, a second shooter of mine. He is so talented and I love when I get to have him with me at a wedding! His beautiful wife, Maloree is a great friend and is amazing at hair!! I would hate it if she could not do my hair anymore! She is sooo good! If you are in need of one, contact me and I will give you her info! Enough of that, I'm excited to show you their pictures! Maloree and Chris are having a baby and due in early March. I cannot wait to see the surprise! This baby will undoubtedly be beautiful, just look at the parents! 

The exact day I took their expecting photos, it just so turns out that they made their last payment on student loans and it was a day to celebrate! So exciting! Captain was excited as well:)

Congratulations on both and I love ya'll!!