Amelia Lyon Private Workshop!

This is way overdue! When I was in California a few weeks ago, it was to meet the one and only Amelia Lyon! My friend, Kara, from Vintage View Studios and me were talking about some possible workshops we wanted to attend and we both instantly said Amelia. It was great for me and Kara as right after this particular week, our living situations were changing drastically. Kara was moving to Seattle and I was moving to DFW area (yes, i have moved and will get to this soon:). It ended up being a great decision!

 Amelia's talent is amazing and I feel so blessed to have met her and to have learned so much. It was so funny when I first got to her house because I felt like I was driving to meet a celebrity. I mean I have been following her since I started this amazing journey and it was surreal sitting next to her and having conversation. 

She is so down to earth and her laugh is contagious! Amelia, I have so much to take with me from the workshop and I thank you so much for a great day and being so inspirational:) And a big thank you for bringing lemon drops back into my life.

Thank you Justin for taking this photo, you were a delight as well! Go mustard yellow camera bags! 

Yes, my hard palate suffered greatly with the amount of lemon drops I had that day! Still worth it!!! ha