The Cotton Mill

Callie and Tim ~ I Do

Callie and Tim are a breath of fresh air! Like so many of my clients, they were so easy to work with and delightful to be around. Aside from their wedding day, another celebration took place a few months ago as they brought a precious baby girl into the world. She looked so precious in her miniature red dress! 

One thing I have to mention of course is that Tim is from New Zealand. Some of his family and friends came all the way to McKinney for the wedding and yes I loved talking with them just so I could hear their accent. Guilty! I loved that they incorporated treats and music from New Zealand. Tim's mom gave me a New Zealand chocolate pie to take home with me. LOVE! 

I love how they met! Hopefully I tell this right;) Callie's step father is a professor where Tim attended college. Her step father and mother fell in love with him and wanted to introduce him to Callie immediately! They did and the rest is history:) 

Callie and Tim were married in McKinney at the Cotton Mill. I've shot a few weddings there and it's always amazing to see how each client can transform the place:) As for getting ready, I met up with Callie and the girls downtown at the Grand Hotel.


The bottom two are my favorites:)