Summer Ryan Livingston

Summer Livingston is here! The beautiful mother of this little one is my coworker and friend and I've only known her as a prego...and now she is a mom. Wonderfulness! This is Kevin and Tonia's first child together and they did so good. This baby could be a gerber baby. Pay close attention to her lips. She would pucker them a few times and it was so precious. Here she is:)

chair livingstonbaby.jpg

Above: She might as well be whistling right?

And she awakes:)


Above: This was Kevin's idea for me to crawl behind them and I really like how it turned out. Good job!

livingston baby.jpg

Hello mom and dad:)

kisses livingston baby.jpg

Below: I love this picture! and I think Summer will too when she gets older. You can never have enough pictures with your mom.


Above: I loved the shirt Summer was wearing and so appropriate! Lots of love! 

Thank you again for letting me rearrange your furniture:) Hope you find some you love!