Justin and Hunter

This weekend, I got to photo the Smith boys and not only were they cute, they were so easy to shoot. They were full of energy as two boys should be and as soon as they arrived, they took action on the baseball field.


Justin (left) and Hunter (right) :)

baseball jh.jpg
bophotography-justin pitch.jpg
bophotography-legs swing jh.jpg

Above: One of my favorites:)

bophotography-bleachers jh smile.jpg

They are too cute!

Below: another fav!

bophotography-jh bleachers.jpg
bophotography-shadows jh.jpg

I was standing with Hunter and he saw an airplane. This was his explanation for what an airplane does:) ha

airplane hunter.jpg
bophotography-bridgestp jh.jpg
bophotography-roadhumps jh.jpg
jumps jh.jpg
bophotography-shoulder jh.jpg

Hope you like them:)