Sterling and Neely

This weekend, I got some of my newest favorites from my good friends Neely and Sterling. They got engaged this summer and in March, they will say I do:) Their engagement session was a success from the amazing lighting, their good looks, and their willingness to do anything. Aww I loved how these turned out and hope you do too:) 

bophotography-cornfield sn3.jpg
cornfield sn best.jpg
bophotography-cornfieldkiss sn.jpg

I now love corn fields!

crop field road sn.jpg

Below: Ya'll just look amazing, period. 

railroad jpeg sn.jpg

Below: Yummy light surprised us!


Above and Below: I probably should have just picked one of these, but hey I loved both. 


We drove out to some good counrtyside and I have to say this is probably one of my very favorite pictures from the session:)

bophotography-bw sn canvas.jpg
bophotography-hatkiss sn.jpg

Above: So adorable!

Below: Now I know this picture is very different than anything I've done before, but I couldn't resist. What do you think? 

bophotography-sillo sn.jpg

Below: Okay I'm going to try very hard not to mess this up. Sterling is training to be a lineman and they had the great idea of getting some structures in the background. I was told these big ones are 230's. Lesson for're welcome. Loved how it turned out. 

bophotography-sillo2 sn.jpg

This is the exciting part for me. I've really been wanting to do some photos involving water and I saw this one day and the picture came to me:) yay Now getting this picture was a lot easier to think about then put into action due to the knee high mud. ha It was well worth it and if anyone else wants some good ole water in their session, let me know!

bophotography-kisswater sn.jpg

Thank you friends! You are amazing!