Emily and Josh ~ Couples: Rosemary Beach, Florida

I went to Florida to shoot an awesome beach wedding that you will see later this week, but while I was there I got to hang out with my great friend Emily! Emily and I went to the same church camp every summer for 8 or 9 years. She is one of like 5 people who can make me laugh extremely hard! I love love love her and I was so excited to get to hang out with her hubby Josh! I was thrilled to get to have a session with them while I was in town and loved how they turned out:) Check it out!

Oh ya did I forget to mention how good looking these two are!!

While I was there, Ryan her brother happened to be in town and it was such a bonus to see him! He is a professional songwriter in Nashville, TN and he is oh so good! You probably have been singing in the car to one of his songs and didn't even know it! So proud of you!! We took a few and here they are making me laugh of course! Can you guess who has been in the sun the least:(