creative couple photos

Sarah + Andrew: Engagements: Dallas, TX

I loved working with Sarah and Andrew and I'm looking forward to their wedding in July! They met each other their first week of college at Baylor University and in the spring they will be celebrating graduation together. Congratulations and so excited for you two and and all of your new beginnings:) Hope you enjoy my favorites!


Mallory and Ryan ~ Engagements: Rockwall, TX

Yay! I am so excited to post these:) Had such a great time with Mallory and Ryan in beautiful Rockwall. They were naturals in front of the camera and brought lots of props which I love because it adds that personal touch to the photos. Can't wait for their wedding next May! 

Erin and Brad ~ Couple Session: Fort Worth, TX

Oh how I love this couple and it's safe to say, the camera loves them too! They make one good looking couple! I've been asked lately being prego and all, "who takes your photos?". Well, this is the girl! Such an amazing friend and photographer. You can check out our maternity photos here:) 

I had so much fun with Brad and Erin and loved the props they brought along including their dog, Winston! We were blessed with amazing sunlight that created some of my favorite romantic photos! Hope you enjoy!!

Jeff & Robin + Dixie: Mckinney, TX

I get asked quite a bit if people can bring their dog to the session and my answer is a big fat YES! I love them and especially my two dogs that are considered my children. This will change slightly of course when baby Madden comes in a few weeks!:) 

Robin and Jeff have a sweet boxer, Dixie, who loves to explore and lick Robin right in the face! I had such a fun time on this session and the weather was fantastic! 

Hope you enjoy the pictures and find some you love!


Bailie and Clint ~ Engagements: Abilene, TX

Bailie and Clint are the cutest! They did such a good job at our session and were willing to do anything:) It was very cloudy and when the sun would pop out and I would have them run in front of it so we could get some good lighting:) It was comical. Overall, great day and one great couple! 

Meredith and Donny ~ Engagements: Dallas, TX

This couple is so special to me in such a short time! Their story and evident love for each other make for an easy couple to photograph:) They took me to some fun spots in Dallas including Tillman's Roadhouse! Such a fun environment to dine! We also stopped by a flower shop called Dirt. If you are a bride in the Dallas area, check them out. The arrangements I saw were pretty amazing and even if you aren't a bride, go to the store and buy something:) 

I can't wait for this wedding in December! Hope you love them!!


Ryan and Sylvia ~ Engagements : Abilene, TX

Ryan and Sylvia are too sweet for words and are officially added to my club of awesome clients! They just ignored the camera and let me capture their everyday interaction which I love! They also brought some fun props which always adds to a session. Since some of their relationship last year had to be long distance, they brought these retro phones to shoot with:) So cute! We met up in Abilene and managed to find some greenery despite the lack of rain these days. Hope you enjoy these two as much as I did!

Emily and Josh ~ Couples: Rosemary Beach, Florida

I went to Florida to shoot an awesome beach wedding that you will see later this week, but while I was there I got to hang out with my great friend Emily! Emily and I went to the same church camp every summer for 8 or 9 years. She is one of like 5 people who can make me laugh extremely hard! I love love love her and I was so excited to get to hang out with her hubby Josh! I was thrilled to get to have a session with them while I was in town and loved how they turned out:) Check it out!

Oh ya did I forget to mention how good looking these two are!!

While I was there, Ryan her brother happened to be in town and it was such a bonus to see him! He is a professional songwriter in Nashville, TN and he is oh so good! You probably have been singing in the car to one of his songs and didn't even know it! So proud of you!! We took a few and here they are making me laugh of course! Can you guess who has been in the sun the least:( 

Kathy and Dennis ~ Couples

Kathy and Dennis's daughter, Kathryn, contacted me about doing a session for her parents as a gift. It was a great gift as they haven't had professional pictures taken for about 35 years. They are so in love and such a treat to talk with and shoot. We walked around downtown Fort Worth and I found some new spots:) Thank you again and hope you have an amazing and peaceful vacation:)

Dea Dea and Scott ~ Engagements

What an amazing couple!!! I shot Dea Dea's son's wedding in 2009 and now she is getting ready to have one of her own:) Scott is awesome and really appreciates the stop and go process of taking pictures in different locations;) We had awesome light to work with and they are seriously naturals in front of the camera and needed minimal direction! Thank you for making it so easy on me:)

Congratulations and I wish you many blessings for your future life together:)

Stephanie and Blake ~ Couples

I drove to Abilene to meet up with Stephanie and Blake who are such a sweet and beautiful couple. They have been married for four years and needed some updated photos:) We drove around Abilene and braved the winds of west Texas which seems to be a common theme lately;) 

Thank you guys for such a fun morning and hope you find some you love! Here are my favs:)