Eden ~ 1 year old: Tyler, TX

Time goes by so fast! I can't believe sweet Eden is already a one year old!:) Take a look here for her newborn session and then here for her 6 month session. Unbelievable! She still has those beautiful baby blues:) 

In celebration, mom let her have a big fat pink cupcake and she went to town! I was seriously laughing out loud and trying to hold the camera still while taking the last few. She was just covered and the way she scrunches her nose...precious!! Hope you enjoy!

Amy and Ryan ~ Engagements: Tyler, TX

These two are so dear to my heart! I've known Amy and Ryan for years and we have all seen each other grow up! We all went to the same church camp year after year until we got too old:( Amy is one of the most sincere people I know and cares about her relationships. She can literally make me laugh at anything! (laughing thinking about it). And I'm so happy she is going to marry Ryan! God prepared the right timing for them to become something more than just friends and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to document their love and be in the wedding! Can't wait guys! Love you both so so much!!

So amazing!! 

Me and Amy!

Eden Webb ~ Newborn : Tyler, TX

Eden is so beautiful and I have never seen such big baby blues in my life! She was such a natural poser as well! She did not want to miss a thing when I was there so her mom had to work especially hard to get her to nap. At times, she would be so close and then just sleep with one eye closed so she could still see me:)ha

Tori and Tim, congratulations on such a precious gift. I'm so happy for you two!!