Mallory and Ryan ~ Engagements: Rockwall, TX

Yay! I am so excited to post these:) Had such a great time with Mallory and Ryan in beautiful Rockwall. They were naturals in front of the camera and brought lots of props which I love because it adds that personal touch to the photos. Can't wait for their wedding next May! 

Jacob and Alison ~ Engagements: Dallas, TX

I met with Jacob and Alison at White Rock Lake for their E-session. This was the week that the weather report kept predicting for it to rain everyday, but we lucked out with no rain and some pretty great clouds:)  Jacob and Alison are just an easy-going and sweet couple! They are getting married in November and I'm so excited to work with them again!!

As you scroll down, you will notice their adorable yorkie, Jubilee! Isn't that name precious?! I love it. Here were my favorites from the day:)

The Corn Family ~ 2012: Lubbock, TX

While I was in Lubbock, I was able to meet up with the precious Corn family! I am always so happy to take pictures of them and watch the family grow from just 2 to 3 to now 4:) Tucker and Knox are growing up so fast and they are definitely boys! They were loving the outdoors, climbing hills and playing with sticks and rocks:)

Hope you enjoy your pictures and can't wait to see you again!:)  

Jessica ~ Senior: Dallas, TX

Jessica is graduating from A&M University this May and needed some pictures for announcements. The day we picked happened to be extremely windy and I thought I was back in Lubbock for a second;) She was a trooper though and on a good note, she just got engaged! So I snapped a few of her and her fiance!:) So exciting!!

Congratulations on everything!

Kelsey and Alex ~ Engagements: Dallas, TX

This session was great! Kelsey really wanted a good sunrise photo which I've never done before. That particular morning was one of the foggiest mornings ever which ended up being a bit challenging but overall, a fun change for me. We didn't get our sunrise, but we agreed the fog left a romantic and mysterious feel for the pictures:) Check it out!

The Francis Family: Dallas, TX

Oh how precious is this family?!! Dane is 6 months old and everything about him screams ADORABLE! We had such a great time despite the heat and humidity:) I always tell my clients, you won't remember how hot it was when you look at the photos:) (...hopefully)

Thanks Francis family for a great morning!!

Karla and Kale ~ Engagements: Abilene, TX

Karla and Kale…that has such a nice ring to it right?! I met up with the couple in Abilene and Kale actually lives right off of the lake giving us the perfect backdrop for pictures! Their lab, Jake, joined in on the fun! I love when people incorporate their dogs as I feel the same about mine, they are family! 

Hope you love your pictures! Here are some of my favorites:)

Amy and Ryan ~ Engagements: Tyler, TX

These two are so dear to my heart! I've known Amy and Ryan for years and we have all seen each other grow up! We all went to the same church camp year after year until we got too old:( Amy is one of the most sincere people I know and cares about her relationships. She can literally make me laugh at anything! (laughing thinking about it). And I'm so happy she is going to marry Ryan! God prepared the right timing for them to become something more than just friends and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to document their love and be in the wedding! Can't wait guys! Love you both so so much!!

So amazing!! 

Me and Amy!

Kai and Graeme ~ I Do: Irving, TX

Kai and Graeme were married at sunset at the Las Colinas lake in Irving, Texas followed by a great reception at Glory House reception hall. Kai looked gorgeous and I loved her friendships with her bridesmaids as they were there for her for each and every little detail. The ceremony was beautiful as well and Kai was happy to see they flew in flowers from Hawaii for the big day!

I can't go without mentioning Graeme! He is so sweet and actually took time at the reception to come up to me to hug me and say thank you. He is just that kind of guy:) Congratulations to both of you and thank you for letting me capture such a meaningful day!