creative senior portraits

Jessica ~ Senior: Dallas, TX

Jessica is graduating from A&M University this May and needed some pictures for announcements. The day we picked happened to be extremely windy and I thought I was back in Lubbock for a second;) She was a trooper though and on a good note, she just got engaged! So I snapped a few of her and her fiance!:) So exciting!!

Congratulations on everything!

Logan ~ Senior: Fort Worth, TX

What a great morning!! I met up with Logan and her mom for her senior session in downtown Ft. Worth and they made my job so fun. Logan will be a senior this year at Abilene High School and I am so glad she gave me the opportunity to take her senior portraits! She is such a beautiful and sweet girl that tried anything that I asked her to do in front of the camera! Logan, you are awesome!! Hope you have a blast this year and congratulations!!

Claire is graduating ~ Seniors

Claire and her mom, Dellen, are so much fun to be around. I had some major face aches after smiling so much with these two. Please hang out with me all the time, k?K. 

Claire is graduating soon and plans to attend SMU and study journalism. She is such a beautiful girl and gotta say she kind of looks like Lauren from American Idol right now (who I love by the way). Congratulations and hope you love your pictures!

Kaitlin is graduating ~ Seniors

Oh sweet Kaitlin!!! Kaitlin is graduating from Texas Tech University this May. She is such a delight to be around and is so natural in front of the camera. Her mom came along and I feel like I've known these ladies forever. We talked and laughed our way through the session and found some great spots downtown. More exciting news ~ Kaitlin is getting married next June so more happy events to come! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your pictures.

Diego is graduating ~ Seniors

Diego literally cracks me up! I don't know what it is, but he just says and does the funniest things without knowing it. ha I met Diego two years ago when I had the awesome opportunity to shoot his brother's wedding here and also his family here

Now, Diego is a senior and graduating from Levelland High School in May. Congratulations and thanks for making my job fun! Isn't he cute?!

Kelley P is graduating ~ Seniors

I've have amazing clients:) Kelley is officially added to that list! She was willing to do anything I suggested which always makes me happy! 

Kelley is graduating from Denver City High School in May and will be attending Texas Tech in the fall! I have had so many senior sessions lately and have found many will be joining her at Texas Tech. I feel like I should get them all together for a mixer;) 

Here is beautiful Kelley:) Congratulations!!



Cody S is graduating ~ Seniors

I lost some serious lbs on this shoot thanks to Cody making me laugh the whole time! Cody is graduating from Texas Tech University in May and has an internship lined up with Disney shortly after. I know, so awesome!:) Cody is seriously one of the funniest people and he was so great in front of the camera. Poor guy did have to suffer through my lack of directional skills to one of our locations. It was really a scam Cody..just to hang out more. I'm actually really good with directions;) Just ask Cade!

Like I said we had a blast getting creative in the 50mph wind and dirt brown sky of Lubbock, TX. ha I think we pulled it off;) Here are my favorites!!

Dallas is graduating ~ Seniors

Dallas has lots of exciting events going on this year. One, she is getting married in July which you can see Dallas and Reese's engagements here. Another celebration is her graduation in May! 

We drove to the Merkel, TX for her senior photos and I loved all the variety. Merkel never lets me down with tons of color and small town character! Here were my favorites!

Morgan is graduating ~ Seniors

Morgan is graduating this year from Texaco High School in Texaco, New Mexico. She loves bright colors and fun backgrounds and we found some great spots in Lubbock around downtown! My favorite place was at the ice cream shoppe where there happened to be a great big Texaco sign on the wall. Perfection!! Congratulations on graduation and hope you find some you love!

Elli is graduating ~ {Lubbock Photographer}

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Elli and her mother and we headed to downtown Abernathy. Abernathy was full of color and random furniture which always makes me happy. Elli is graduating from Levelland High School this year and plans to attend Hardin-Simmons University in the fall. Here are some of my favorites:) 


Elli, you are gorgeous!!


Again, Congratulations and it so great to meet you:)

Cristen is graduating {Lubbock Photographer}

Cristen is graduating in May from Baird High School and plans to attend Texas Tech in the fall. I had the pleasure of driving around Abilene with Cristen and her family and finding some good spots for pictures. The weather was perfect and Cristen was easy to shoot as she is energetic and up for anything. 

Everything was nice and green in Abilene! Lubbock is getting there...just taking a little longer:/ 

Here are my favorites from the shoot:) Congratulations!