Grapevine photographer

The Newhouse Family ~ Expecting: Grapevine, TX

I know when I have a session with this family, I'm going to love it and laugh a lot!:) Their son, Jackson, is oh so cute and if you ask him where the baby is, he immediately lifts up his own shirt and points to his belly. ha He is on his way of getting it. Ryan and Laci are expecting a baby girl this time around and I'm so excited for the growth of their family! Here are my favorites from the day and let me know when you have that beautiful baby!!:) 


Nolte Family: Grapevine, TX

I feel like I've known Paul and Courtney for a long time! They are so easy going in front of the camera and their almost-one-year-old, Pierce, is a cutie! One thing I love about Pierce is his hair!! He has brown hair and then a long piece of blonde in the front. This is not a highlight:)... just a natural piece he inherited from both his parents. I love it! Hope you enjoy the pictures!