creative expecting photos

Erin and Brad ~ Expecting: Fort Worth, TX

Oh happy day!! I am beyond thrilled for my friends, Erin and Brad, who are expecting baby Parker in September:) Erin looks absolutely beautiful pregnant and she's already got that glow going on. Yay! Here are my favorites from their session and thanks to Amanda for doing such a good job styling them!


Keely and Dillon ~ Maternity: Dallas, TX

Yay for babies on the way:) Keely and Dillon are expecting their first baby boy, Bryant, in early January! Of course, I rambled on and on about having a baby boy and how great and amazing it is. I hope I'm not turning into an obnoxious parent already;) 

PS: Keely looked amazing!


The Newhouse Family ~ Expecting: Grapevine, TX

I know when I have a session with this family, I'm going to love it and laugh a lot!:) Their son, Jackson, is oh so cute and if you ask him where the baby is, he immediately lifts up his own shirt and points to his belly. ha He is on his way of getting it. Ryan and Laci are expecting a baby girl this time around and I'm so excited for the growth of their family! Here are my favorites from the day and let me know when you have that beautiful baby!!:) 


Michael and Cynthia ~ Expecting: Plano, TX

Michael and Cynthia are expecting their first baby girl soon and so needless to say we had so much to talk about! She is a couple of months ahead of me, but I was the one out of breath during our nature preserve trek;) I'm working on it! The weather was perfect and God gave us beautiful sunshine for pictures! It's hard to believe it's winter time. Here are my favs from the afternoon and soon you will see them with Baby A:)

Amie and Ryan ~ Expecting

Amie and I have gone through so much together! There was grad school, then getting engaged a week apart, and then getting married two weeks apart! We had a pact that we would be pregnant together. It looks like I'm just going to have to catch her on her second one:) 

Baby Boy Gavin is on the way and I'm so excited to meet him soon! Ryan and Amie will be such great parents and I really am so happy for them!! We walked around downtown Dallas and found some great industrial looking spots inspired by the nursery Amie and Ryan are creating. Amie is a master at decorating and Ryan is pretty handy with building things. It's amazing and can't wait to post the it here in a few months! 

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Their precious dog, Stella, joined up with us for a few at the end. 

Tori and Tim ~ Expecting

YAY! Tori and Tim are having a little girl and I can't wait to see how beautiful this baby is! Tori and me go a few years back as we went to the same church camp growing up. Who would've thought when we were hiding out in the woods (so we wouldn't have to participate in capture the flag again;)) that years later, I'd be taking your maternity pictures. It makes me so happy! Be sure to watch out for the baby in May!! Here are my favorites of this beautiful couple!