creative family photos

The Walker Family: Fort Worth, TX

YAY! The Walker family is so sweet and wonderful to take pictures of! Not to mention- precious baby alert! Emme just celebrated her 1st birthday and I love her smile! All you have to do is sing... If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...and she smiles and laughs. (Sigh) 

I had such a good time and hope you enjoy my favorites!

The Newhouse Family ~ Expecting: Grapevine, TX

I know when I have a session with this family, I'm going to love it and laugh a lot!:) Their son, Jackson, is oh so cute and if you ask him where the baby is, he immediately lifts up his own shirt and points to his belly. ha He is on his way of getting it. Ryan and Laci are expecting a baby girl this time around and I'm so excited for the growth of their family! Here are my favorites from the day and let me know when you have that beautiful baby!!:) 


The Corn Family ~ 2012: Lubbock, TX

While I was in Lubbock, I was able to meet up with the precious Corn family! I am always so happy to take pictures of them and watch the family grow from just 2 to 3 to now 4:) Tucker and Knox are growing up so fast and they are definitely boys! They were loving the outdoors, climbing hills and playing with sticks and rocks:)

Hope you enjoy your pictures and can't wait to see you again!:)