Meredith and Donny ~ Engagements: Dallas, TX

This couple is so special to me in such a short time! Their story and evident love for each other make for an easy couple to photograph:) They took me to some fun spots in Dallas including Tillman's Roadhouse! Such a fun environment to dine! We also stopped by a flower shop called Dirt. If you are a bride in the Dallas area, check them out. The arrangements I saw were pretty amazing and even if you aren't a bride, go to the store and buy something:) 

I can't wait for this wedding in December! Hope you love them!!


Ryan and Sylvia ~ Engagements : Abilene, TX

Ryan and Sylvia are too sweet for words and are officially added to my club of awesome clients! They just ignored the camera and let me capture their everyday interaction which I love! They also brought some fun props which always adds to a session. Since some of their relationship last year had to be long distance, they brought these retro phones to shoot with:) So cute! We met up in Abilene and managed to find some greenery despite the lack of rain these days. Hope you enjoy these two as much as I did!

Chris and Kirsten ~ Engagements : Abilene, TX

Chris and Kirsten are so fun to be around. She is bubbly and friendly and Chris knows just how to make her laugh! I always appreciate a guy that comes to the session and can have fun with it! Kirsten did such a good job with bringing props and I loved her use of color!

We met up in good ole Abilene and the weather was perfect for our session! Thanks again for such a fun afternoon:) Can't wait for this wedding in November!

Newhouse Family: Keller, TX

I had the pleasure of shooting Ryan and Laci over a year ago when she was pregnant with their first born and now he is crawling and walking everywhere:) Jackson is his name and he is so cute! That was the word of this session because I just kept saying, "He is so CUTE"! Well its true as you will see and we had a great time! I loved his little tie and the balloons:) Good job guys! 

Isn't he so Cute?! ha