Abilene TX

Olivia Cobb ~ I year old: Abilene, TX

Olivia stole my heart with these images! I always love taking pictures of the Cobb family and watching their family grow! We were able to shoot inside their home which I love because the feel for the images are so natural. They have great window light and beautiful surroundings that it was a win win! The angel wings...sigh! That is one of my all time favorite pictures I've taken:) 

Here are my favorites of sweet Olivia. 

Amy and Brian ~ I Do: Abilene, TX

Amy and Brian were married at Hillcrest Church of Christ followed by a reception at the T&P center in Abilene, TX. I loved many elements of their day including colors, flowers, and the little details. Amy and Brian were so fun to work with. Brian has such a dry wit and I love how he can make Amy laugh so easily!:)

Congratulations you two and thank you for letting me capture your special day! 

The couple chose to do a first sight before the ceremony and I always love how they turn out and the extra time for portraits:)

Chris and Jaclyn ~ I Do: Abilene, TX

What a sweet day! Chris and Jaclyn have been such a delight to work with and I was so happy to see them tie the knot:) They were married at One Eighty-One Event Center followed by a beautiful reception at the Grace Museum. 

The morning started out storming and pouring down rain, but then when it came time for pictures, the weather turned perfect! I loved the lighting in all of their couple photos! 

Congratulations you two and have a wonderful first Christmas together:)

Bailie and Clint ~ Engagements: Abilene, TX

Bailie and Clint are the cutest! They did such a good job at our session and were willing to do anything:) It was very cloudy and when the sun would pop out and I would have them run in front of it so we could get some good lighting:) It was comical. Overall, great day and one great couple! 

Ryan and Sylvia ~ Engagements : Abilene, TX

Ryan and Sylvia are too sweet for words and are officially added to my club of awesome clients! They just ignored the camera and let me capture their everyday interaction which I love! They also brought some fun props which always adds to a session. Since some of their relationship last year had to be long distance, they brought these retro phones to shoot with:) So cute! We met up in Abilene and managed to find some greenery despite the lack of rain these days. Hope you enjoy these two as much as I did!

Julie and Josh ~ I Do : Abilene, TX

I had so much fun photographing this couple as they are so expressive and as great clients would, they set aside time for me to get plenty of photos of just the two of them:)! They were married at The Grace Museum in Abilene, TX where they transformed the inside into a carnival theme. There were so many bright colors and details included in every corner of the museum. Here were my favorites from the day!

Stephanie and Blake ~ Couples

I drove to Abilene to meet up with Stephanie and Blake who are such a sweet and beautiful couple. They have been married for four years and needed some updated photos:) We drove around Abilene and braved the winds of west Texas which seems to be a common theme lately;) 

Thank you guys for such a fun morning and hope you find some you love! Here are my favs:)

Marcus and Nicole ~ Engagements

These two are amazing to work with! They took no time to warm up and I think the camera loved them as much as I did. Marcus and Nicole are getting marred in June in Austin, TX. I'm so looking forward to their wedding and for more shoot time:) 

I found out Marcus actually served two tours in Iraq with my brother-in-law Jason! Such a small world! Both of you are so sweet and thank you for putting up with my silliness! I hope you enjoy your pictures!!

The Cobb Family ~ Abilene, TX

My face literally hurts from smiling during the whole editing process on this session! One, because this family is so adorable and two, because they are great friends and to see them so happy is a blessing. You might remember Harper from a blog post 1 year ago (click here). Now she is two and still precious as ever! She is the most friendliest and warmest child I've ever been around. 

Talan and Dillon are awesome parents and I was so thrilled when they told me they have another baby on the way! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to take pictures of your beautiful family +1!  

Jaclyn and Chris ~ Engagments

I had so much fun with Jaclyn and Chris on their E-session:) They were my first session of the new year and if this was any indication of how 2011 will go, I am thrilled. Abilene was our location as Jaclyn is finishing her last semester at Abilene Christian University. Chris, however travels all over the place as he plays professional baseball for the LA Dodgers. After hearing this and that Jaclyn plays tennis for ACU, I was of course impressed and wanted to contribute, but I've heard cheerleading is not an actual sport:( 

Check them out. They are adorable! Can't wait till December!


Casey and Matt ~ Engagements {Lubbock Photographer}

Casey and Matt were such a joy to be around! I was kind of nervous meeting up with them as this was my first time to shoot photographers. That quickly went away after I met them as they are so sweet and started joking with me within minutes! Some of my new favorites are from this session so I've been dying to post them. 

You will get to see this beautiful couple again as I am shooting their wedding this July. They are getting married at Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap, TX. I've been there once and its a beautiful set up with outdoors and hanging lights:) I can't wait. Okay the pictures already! Be sure to check them out here:)