White Rock Lake

Johnny and Stephanie ~ I Do: Dallas, TX

YAY!! Remember that awesome engagement session where they had a neon paint fight? Well, now it's time to show you their amazing neon wedding! All the details were so fun and unique, needless to say I had a great time capturing them. Johnny and Steph had their ceremony and reception at the Filter Building at White Rock Lake which is a great venue and allowed for a lakeside ceremony. Awesome! Congratulations you two and hope you enjoy my favorites:D 


Keely and Dillon ~ Maternity: Dallas, TX

Yay for babies on the way:) Keely and Dillon are expecting their first baby boy, Bryant, in early January! Of course, I rambled on and on about having a baby boy and how great and amazing it is. I hope I'm not turning into an obnoxious parent already;) 

PS: Keely looked amazing!


Jacob and Alison ~ Engagements: Dallas, TX

I met with Jacob and Alison at White Rock Lake for their E-session. This was the week that the weather report kept predicting for it to rain everyday, but we lucked out with no rain and some pretty great clouds:)  Jacob and Alison are just an easy-going and sweet couple! They are getting married in November and I'm so excited to work with them again!!

As you scroll down, you will notice their adorable yorkie, Jubilee! Isn't that name precious?! I love it. Here were my favorites from the day:)

Kari and Brandon ~ Engagements: Dallas, TX

This post is so special to my heart as Kari has been one of my best friends since middle school! It's so exciting to see such a special person in your life find so much happiness and the fact they asked me to capture some pictures for them, I was beyond thrilled!! They are getting married at the end of May in Arkansas and what a beautiful day it will be:) 

Brandon, thank you for loving Kari so sweetly and can't wait to hang out again! Here were my favorites from their e-session:)

Amanda D ~ Bridals: Dallas, TX

Amanda and Austin tied the knot last weekend so here are some of my favorite bridal shots!:) Towards the end of the session, Amanda wanted to do some dramatic ones and it was really fun for me!! The sky was really pink….amazingness!  

Their special day will be on the blog soon. 

Kaylie and JR ~ Engagements

I love these two. They have been guests at so many of the weddings I have shot and the last two times when the wedding was over, they have brought me a piece of cake. Nothing tastes better at the end of the night:)

I met up with sweet Kaylie and JR on a windy morning in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. I love the drama the wind added to the photos.  We did get to hide behind buildings and trees at times to get a break:) They were great to work with and I loved all the goodies they brought with them for the session. My favorite had to be Charlie, their cute puppy. I love people who love their dogs as much as I do! 

These two are getting married in May and I'm so happy for them! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your pictures!

Above: Loveliness!

Below: We finished our session up at the Dallas Arboretum.

Ashley and Garrett ~ Engagements

I met up with Ashley and Garrett at the amazing White Rock Lake and we were so nervous all day about the weather! Huge rain clouds were surrounding us, but luckily it did not rain until the very end! So we ended up getting some dramatic skies which I loved! I've been excited about shooting these two since I had my first meeting with them a while back. They are so much fun and I love all the props they brought along:) Here are my favorites!

Stacie and Brandon ~ Engagements

Stacie and Brandon equal awesomeness! It's obvious how in love they are and I love how natural they are with each other. We started out at White Rock Lake, truly amazing place for pictures. We ended our session at the Texas state fair. The food, the Texas star ferris wheel, and the good company of course made for a great experience! Check them out again soon as the wedding is this month:) Yay!

Now to the fair!!:) It was quite hilarious when we were riding the ferris wheel. You had to ride with 5 people so I was probably ruining this poor brother and sister's experience as I was climbing over them to get Stacie and Brandon. ha It was  a good time.